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5 stars

the mansion

Jean-Baptiste Ganiare,
Baron de Joursanvault,
who lived in this mansion, described himself as artist, collector and patron. He is best known as a patron, having supported the painters Prud'hon (exhibited at the Louvre) and Naigeon (Dijon and Nancy museums), and the sculptor Claude Ramey (who participated in the creation of the Vendome column and whose works decorate many gardens in Paris such as the Luxembourg Gardens and others) at crucial times in their careers. His collection of books, of major interest, is kept in the Bibliothèque Nationale (French National Library).

The mansion:
Inside, it is a beautiful large 18th-century 'maison bourgeoise' (mansion) for 6 people, with a surface area of 300m². It features a large entrance foyer, a monumental staircase, all looked over by the family's ancestors.